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Find the perfect guide to complement your elementary or middle school lesson plans. Our Educator Guides can help turn your next group visit into an educational experience to remember. Below you’ll find guides for both of our permanent exhibits: Japan Through the Eyes of A Child (JTEC), as well as The Yamato Colony: Pioneering Japanese in Florida. Guides include tour info, lesson plans, extra resources, professional development guides and more!

JTEC Guide

JTEC Educator’s Guide

Based on the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, the Japan Through the Eyes of a Child Educator’s Guide provides essential information for elementary teachers planning to bring students to visit the unique exhibit of daily life in Japan.

Yamato Colony Guide

Yamato Colony Educator’s Guide

This Educator’s Guide offers the elementary or middle school teacher lesson plans to complement the Yamato Colony pictorial exhibit that details the Japanese farming community that existed here during the early to mid 1900s.

Yamato Colony Educator’s Guide

About the Yamato Colony


George’s Journey: A Japanese Immigrant’s South Florida Experience

George’s classic immigrant story — an ambitious young man, seeking opportunity, travels to America to make a better life for himself, is central to the history of Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens. Educators are invited to share this story of perseverance and prosperity through a traditional Japanese story telling device – kamishibai, or paper drama.

George’s Journey

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Full STEAM Ahead Educator’s Guide

Encourage your students to become garden designers with the Full STEAM Ahead Tour Educator Guide. This document contains pre and post visit activities to ensure sustainable STEAM-based learning in and out of the classroom.

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Full Steam Ahead Resource Packet

Roji-en: Gardens of the Drops of Dew Educator’s Guide

The following Educator’s Guide was designed to promote literacy and mindfulness as students create poems reflecting on their time in the gardens.

For consultation, please contact the Education department at 561-233-1327.

Gardens of the Drops of Dew Guide

Online Resources

There are many resources for information about Japan online. Listed here are some recommended websites as well as local performers and organizations eager to share their talents and knowledge with area students.

Online Resources




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