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Lantern Festival features rousing taiko drum performances by Fushu Daiko, kids’ activities [including a mask shop, a variety of games and a build your own guiding light lantern activity] traditional Japanese folk dancing and an all-day ennichi street fair. At the end of the evening, visitors watch hundreds of paper lanterns—each lit by a single candle—dot Morikami Lake, against a sky of fireworks.

On the Matsuri Stage:

Japanese Folk-Dancing  3:45pm | 5:15pm

Taiko Drumming  4:30pm | 6:00pm | 7:00pm

Morikami Lake:

Lantern Floating  7:30pm

Farewell Fireworks  8:00pm

Commemorative t-shirt:

Bring your own t-shirt and get a FREE* screenprint compliments of the Fine Print Shoppe with this year’s exclusive  Lantern Festival design by Brian Reedy.   (shown below are 2017 designs, stay tuned for 2018!)
*Your first print is free, each additional print on items you provide is $5.  You can also purchase a shirt with the design for $10.