Chocolate and Kimono

If you haven’t gotten your sweets fix after this weekend’s festivities, check out the world’s first chocolate kimono.  New York-based chocolatier MarieBelle will reveal the kimono at its Kyoto store later this month.  While not an edible or even cocoa-scented garment in its final form, the kimono is painted with a dye rich in white chocolate.  “A sweet chocolate scent filled the air in the process of dying” said the wife of kimono designer Nobuaki Tomita.  The kimono’s pattern features a brown and blue cherry blossom display on a beige background. 

Chocolate-dyed silk kimono fabric

The final product

Hungry for more?  We don’t carry chocolate kimono at our Museum Store, but we offer the best of both.  Pick up the classic sweet and salty Japanese treat, pocky, in chocolate, chocolate almond, and strawberry and get a peek at our stunning kimono collection.

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