DID YOU KNOW today is a highly anticipated day for many Japanese…and basically every sake-enthusiast in the world? Today we celebrate our absolute favorite libation during Nihonshu no Hi, or World Sake Day! This holiday marks the start of the sake brewing season for the year in Japan. Let’s make a toast, and learn a bit about superb, sumptuous, sacred sake!

A few fun facts…

  • Sake is the oldest known alcoholic beverage in the world.
  • When it was first introduced in Japan (around 689AD), sake was known as “The Drink of the Gods.”
  • Sake consists of 4 basic ingredients: rice, pure water, koji (an enzyme producing mold) and yeast.
  • The younger, the better: sake should be enjoyed within about two years of brewing.
  • It’s a sign of respect and friendship to serve a guest or to be served – never pour into your own glass!
  • Sake served hot are actually inferior – premium sake are always served chilled (the heat can mask a less-than-stellar tasting sake).
  • The United States produces about 90% of the sake in the world, but those brewed in the US is to premium sake what Bud Light is to craft beer. The quality of rice used to make sake determines the “premium” or not status. Premium sake rice is grown…you guessed it… in Japan!
  • Sake is sulfite-free and is actually easier on your stomach than wine (with 5x less acid).

So sake doesn’t give stomachaches, it puts you on the same level as the Gods (EPIC), and the best ones hail from our favorite place in the universe – Japan? Count us in for the fan club meetings!

If we’ve piqued your taste buds, you’re in luck, because you can indulge in premium sake year-round during our festivals and special events!

Kanpai, tomodachi! (Cheers, friends!)


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