Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

Object ID: 1983.005.011
Object: Photographic print, albumen print with colors applied by hand
Place of Origin: Yokohama, Japan
Artist: Studio of Kusakabe Kimbei (active 1880-1912)/ Baron von Stillfried (1839-1911)
Date: Meiji Period, late 19th century
Size: 7.5×9.5
Credit: gift of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Berger

The location of this photo may be Ueno Park, an area long noted for its cherry trees. Beneath the blossoming trees, rickshaw (jinrikisha) pullers and their fares pose for the camera. Jinrikisha were a Japanese invention, appearing for the first time around 1870. Before the end of the decade over 50,000 were in use in Tōkyō alone.