Morikami Hems In Tokyo Fashion Exhibit This Fall

Harajuku, an area between Shinjuku and Shibuya in Tokyo, has risen to the highest ranks of Japanese fashion. In the late 50s and early 60s the neighborhood was transformed from U.S. soldiers’ housing into a well-spring of youth culture (similar to the likes of Haight Ashbury in 1960’s San Francisco) that solidified into what many call the Harajuku-zoku, or the Harajuku tribe. The neighborhood was overtaken by photographers, models, artists, fashion designers and local youth, and has become the ultimate youth stomping ground. Some of the most visible and popular movements to …

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Delray Subaru Presents Lantern Festival: In the Spirit of Obon

If you’re a longtime fan of Morikami’s Bon Festival, you may have noticed it absent from our summer calendar. You may have also noticed the introduction of Lantern Festival in October. We wanted to explain how Morikami’s much-loved summer event evolved into Lantern Festival: In the Spirit of Obon, and why you should be just as excited for this first ever fall celebration. In an effort to protect the safety of Morikami visitors and staff, we felt compelled to move Bon Festival out of the often inclement and even dangerous Florida summer …

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Fold, Post, Win!

To kick off the first Sushi & Stroll of the season (which is bonsai themed) we’re giving away a beautiful grow-your-own-bonsai kit and 2 tickets to Sushi & Stroll. All you have to do is fold one of these cute origami bonsai trees, and post your photo to our Facebook wall! Step 1: Make your origami bonsai Here’s a pretty simple origami tree we made. You can fold this one, or one of your choosing. Make sure to use a square piece of paper. It can be any size or type of …

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