Jeff Shore on Living Zen

Jeff Shore summed up a famous Chinese proverb and said, “after being Zennistic, let me turn to Disneyworld.” And just like that, he moved on to a trip with his elderly Zen teacher (Fukushima Roshi, whose work is featured in Zenmi – A Taste of Zen) whom many a tourist mistook for part of Epcot’s Japan Pavilion.  Jeff Shore, Professor of Zen in the Modern World at Hanazono University, Kyoto, Japan came to Morikami last Friday to discuss what it means to be “Living Zen.” The Disneyworld bit first seemed like a light-hearted aside, …

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Zenmi – A Taste of Zen: Nantenbō’s Letter

My coworkers and I recently got an inside look at our newest exhibit, Zenmi – A Taste of Zen: Paintings, Calligraphy, and Ceramics from the Riva Lee Asbell Collection from Veljko Dujin, our Curator of Collections. Before the opening, we simply observed the whirring curatorial staff through three weeks of installation.  The exhibit, though, is four years in the making.  Veljko worked with Riva Lee Asbell, the exhibit’s lender, to collect and select the art destined to become part of Zenmi – A Taste of Zen.  Historically, Zenmi is the second exhibit in …

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