Where Can You Find the Best Ramen in Japan?

The Morikami will screen “Ramen Girl,” starring the late Brittany Murphy, on Feb. 18. Director of Education Reiko Nishioka remembers a most unique ramen experience in Japan.

It’s Season, Baby!

When the temperatures are moderate, the population explodes at the Morikami. See what it’s like when (if you build it), they come!

Sushi, It’s Not All About Raw Fish

How can you say about sushi? Quite a bit actually. Reiko Nishioka adds her thoughts on the Japanese dish, which is more popular in some parts of South Florida than hamburgers.

Morikami Makes Columnist’s Bucket List

It’s a time of resolutions for almost everyone, and luckily for us, a columnist for one of the local newspapers, the Sun-Sentinel, made the Morikami one of his “bucket list” resolutions. For those who are not familiar with the movie, The Bucket List, (all three of you need to rent it), it’s a tale of two unlikely friends, who meet in a shared hospital room and learn they have months to live, due to terminal cancers. One is filthy rich and played by Jack Nicholson; the other is charmingly dignified, played by …

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