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Bamboo turtle chime

Bamboo Sea Turtle-Woodstock


From Woodstock Chimes

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This realistic hand-carved, hand-painted wood sea turtle swims above a circle of bamboo chimes and made from non-endangered wood.

Bamboo gives a mellow, musical and enchanting sound unlike any other chime. In addition, each chime is hand-tuned by musicians. By hand-tuning each tube and selecting a range of sizes, each chime produces a unique melody of tones.

This wind chime is sealed with varnish. To maintain its beauty we suggest varnishing each season and protecting during harsh weather. Small cracks are normal in bamboo. To avoid large cracks and fading, do not hang in direct sunlight or near heaters.

To clean: wipe with a damp cloth.

Overall length from top of hanging ring to bottom of clapper is 30“.

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