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Amazing origami kit

Origami Kit – Amazing Origami


Projects include:
•Inflated Frog
•Water Bomb Balloon
•Chinese Zodiac Wheel
•Luna Moth
•Magnolia Blossom

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Amazing Origami contains 144 high-quality origami paper sheets printed with colorful and attractive Japanese-style designs and patterns. Included is a book containing detailed instructions for creating 17 fun origami projects—with step-by-step diagrams showing you how to make each one. The sturdy box even doubles as a pedestal to display your finished models.

The colorful origami folding papers included in this kit perfectly complement the projects. These gorgeous papers feature gold filigree detailing, recalling the one-of-a-kind traditional patterns used in the Japanese kimono fabrics from a bygone era. Designed for all ages and for origami beginners as well as more experienced folders, this kit provides everything you need to create exciting and original origami art.


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    What a great book! I just ordered a copy for myself. Glad to hear that there is someone else that tears up at The Pledge of Allegiance. I can’t make it through our national athem either. Love the pics of your adorable kids, they look like they are really cotnantrecing on being creative!

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