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Monkey Charm with Omikuji (fortune)


This Year of the Monkey charm comes with an omikuji a Japanese fortune, traditionally available at temples and shrines—especially on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s a handy guide to understanding your fortune:
Great blessing (dai-kichi, 大吉)
Middle blessing (chū-kichi, 中吉)
Small blessing (shō-kichi, 小吉)
Blessing (kichi, 吉)
Half-blessing (han-kichi, 半吉)
Ending blessing (sue-kichi, 末吉)
Ending small blessing (sue-shō-kichi, 末小吉)
Curse (kyō, 凶)
Small curse (shō-kyō, 小凶)
Half-curse (han-kyō, 半凶)
Ending curse (sue-kyō, 末凶)
Great curse (dai-kyō, 大凶)


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