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ASOBLOCK® Mecha-Robot


Japan’s “Best Toy” Award

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ASOBLOCK® is a compound word of “ASOBI” and “BLOCK”. “ASOBI” in Japanese has the dual meaning of “Having a pleasurable time” and also “Learning”. Made in Japan with the highest quality materials and engineering expertise, your imagination and creativity will be challenged.

The main pieces of the Asoblock come only in black or white. It is believed that using only black and white allows you to better expand your imagination and focus on the shape of the model rather than being distracted by other colors.

Just snap, clip, and insert the pieces to create a robot, dinosaur or anything you can dream of big or small! The joints freely move and maintain their position thanks to the patented ball joint pieces.

With the 2-in-1 sets you can make one of two figures – or use your imagination and create your own!  Contains 75 pieces


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