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Please Note: This workshop is a prerequisite for those who intend to start studying sado in our Sado: Tea Ceremony class.

Learn the basics of sado, “the way of tea” and the foundation of Japanese tea ceremony, including its aesthetics to better understand and fully enjoy the tea ceremony. Master Soei Chieko Mihori teaches participants the proper tea ceremony etiquette, as well as how to prepare and serve matcha, the powdered green tea used in the ceremony.

Saturdays: Nov. 5, 2016 | Jan. 7, 2017 | Mar. 4, 2017 

TIME: 1:00pm—3:00pm
PRICE: $40
LOCATION: Seishin-an Tea House


Instructor Chieko Mihori, Omote Senke School, has made a lifelong study of the tea ceremony. Since the dedication of the Seishin-an Tea House in 1993, individual tea ceremony lessons have been offered under the accomplished direction of Chieko Mihori, and this unique opportunity to study a traditional art continues.

Instructor Chieko Mihori is also a Sogetsu teacher of the highest rank and recipient of several Sogetsu awards of distinction. Soei is her professional teacher name. She has studied with Sogetsu founder, Sofu Teshigahara, his daughter, Kasumi, and his son, Hiroshi, late headmaster of the Sogetsu School. Mrs. Mihori is an ardent instructor and supporter of Morikami since its founding.