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Educational Outreach

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens’ Education Department offers a wide variety of outreach programs for adults and students.

Outreach programs are designed to promote understanding of Japanese culture through hands-on activities, presentations, and interactive discussions tailored to meet the needs of individual schools, businesses or groups at their own location. Some specialty events and programs are presented in collaboration with other cultural and educational organizations.

Each 45 – 60 minute program is conducted by a knowledgeable speaker who does his or her best to tailor the program to your requests. A modest donation to the museum is requested for each outreach program.

For further information and bookings, call (561) 495-0233 x 237. Lean more about each program:

Adult Outreach Programs

Adult Outreach Programs

Hands-on Workshops:
  • Origami: Turn flat pieces of paper into three dimensional works of art. (Max. 20 participants)**
  • Calligraphy: Learn proper writing form and how to write basic Japanese characters with ink and brush. (Max. 16 participants)**
Presentations: (PowerPoint)
  • Morikami & the Yamato Colony: Learn about the past, present and future of this unique cultural museum. The Yamato Colony, the early 1900’s Japanese settlement in this area, is a popular program for local history buffs. Learn about George Morikami, and the Yamato Colony’s influence in South Florida.
  • The Anatomy of Japanese Protocol: Why do Japanese bow to one another? How does one exchange business cards? Learn step-by-step how to effectively communicate with the Japanese and some important cultural customs.
  • Japanese Education: What are schools like in Japan? How different are they from American schools? Learn what is unique about their schools and students through an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • Introduction to Japanese History, Art and Culture: An introduction to the important time periods in Japan, and the influential events in each era that shaped Japan’s society, art and culture.
  • Japanese Culture & History: How much do you know about Japan? An interactive presentation that tests the audience’s knowledge about Japan. The presentation will introduce important cultural customs, history and traditions.
  • Traveling to Japan 101: Tips, Japanese customs, gestures, getting around, popular sites to see, transportation and more!
  • A Look at Contemporary Japanese Fashion & Aesthetics: Talk includes changing aesthetic styles in Japan, various Japanese fashion styles (i.e. gothic-lolita, gyaru, manba), and their influence on western youth.
  • Introduction to Traditional Japanese Fashion*: Introduces the different styles of traditional Japanese clothing (i.e. wedding kimono, formal kimono, summer kimono, yukata, jinbei, hakama) Also includes, time permitting, a demonstration of how to wear a Yukata (casual summer kimono).
  • Introduction to Traditional Japanese Music*: Introduces the audience to three traditional Japanese instruments (Koto, Shamisen, and Shakuhachi). Includes a koto demonstration and how to read the sheet music. Audience members will also receive a koto music sheet of the famous Japanese song “Sakura.”
  • A comparison of Japanese and Chinese Culture (Most Popular): What are the similarities? What are the differences? This presentation will introduce some customs, culture, and fun facts.

Presentation duration: 40-45 minutes, includes Q&A
(Presentations can be adjusted down to 30 minutes or up to 60 minutes).

Outreach Program Fees:
  • General Presentations: $50 (An additional donation to our Education Programs would be much appreciated)
  • *Kimono and Japanese Music presentations: $75
  • **An additional Material Fee may apply
  • A transportation fee may be applicable to above programs

For more information, or to book a program, call 561-495-0233 x 235

Student Outreach Programs

Student Outreach Programs

Enjoy our programs in the convenience of your own classroom or facility. Learn about aspects of Japanese culture through interactive presentations or craft making! (All programs are 40-45 minutes in length unless noted). We currently serve south Palm Beach County and north Broward County.

Cultural Interactions

Each 40-45 minute program is $60. A transportation fee may also apply.

  • Introduction to Japan (K-5th grade): What is school like in Japan? What’s their lifestyle like? What kinds of clothes do they wear? What do they eat? Discover the answers in this interactive show -and- tell program.
  • Language Basics and Manners (2nd -8th grade): Students learn simple words and phrases that are often used in daily life, as well as appropriate body language, gestures and cultural etiquette.
Cultural Creations

Each 40-45 minute program is $50 plus material fees as indicated. A transportation fee may also apply.

  • Origami (2nd & up): Turn flat pieces of paper into three dimensional works of art! ($2/student)
  • The Japanese Zodiac (k-3rd): Discover the twelve animals of the Japanese Zodiac through a traditional folk-tale, and re-enforce the lesson with our hands-on activity. ($1-2/student)
  • Uchiwa Fans (k-5th): Younger students make a basic uchiwa, or summer fan, while older students make embellishments on it. ($2-3/student)
  • Masks (2nd-4th): Students make a pop-culture mask in papier-mache style. ($3/student, 1 hour)
  • Fish Prints (K & up): Make a traditional gyotaku print using real fish! ($2/student)
  • Kites (1st & up): Younger students make a simple kite, color, fold and fly! Older students create a more traditional kite using palm fronds, paper and string. ($2-4/student, 1.5 hours)
  • Calligraphy and Japanese Writing (4th & up): Learn how to hold a bamboo brush, use ink, make basic calligraphy strokes, and practice writing. ($5/student, 1hour)
  • Miniature Gardens (2nd & up): Use real plants, stones, soil and sand to create a Japanese garden of your own. ($5/student)
  • Star Books (3rd & up): Create a 3-dimensional book using traditional origami techniques ($3/student)
  • Bookmarks (2nd & up): Make a Japanese kimono-doll bookmark. ($2/student)
  • Chigirie (4th & up): Make a post-card-sized picture using Japanese style paper collage techiniques called chigirie. ($2/student)
  • Wind Chimes (4th & up): Cut, fold and assemble a wind chime out of paper. ($2/student)
  • Samurai Helmets (2nd-4th): Learn about the great warrior of old Japan, and create a 3-dimensional helmet to wear. ($2/student)
  • Toys (2nd-4th): Students make a simple denden daiko, or hand drum, or climbing Ninja figures. ($2/student)

For more information, or to book a program, call 561-495-0233 x 237